Who volunteers?

Volunteering is an activity and experience that all of us can get involved in. Whether shaking a fundraising tin at local events, coaching in a club, or delivering physiotherapist services in  rural Cambodia, there are multiple ways to get started.

And one of the biggest beneficiaries will be you!

Finding voluntary work in UK

For students aged 15-17 wanting to start their volunteering journey, the government backed NCS scheme (National Citizen Service) is a great way to start developing your experience here in the UK. It helps young students not only develop their confidence and skills, but also how they can engage in social action and create change for good.

For young and old seeking voluntary work in your local area, take a tour of Do-it.org and you will be amazed at how many organisations and people could benefit from your help. You can even search by your areas of interest and the level of commitment you can give.

career break volunteer

Volunteering Overseas

When it comes to volunteering overseas it is not quite so easy, and that is how Outreach International can help. We visit all the projects we support to assess their efficacy and needs, and we use excellent in-country coordinators to provide support to volunteers as required.

In doing so we provide volunteers wanting to volunteer overseas with an assured and accessible experience. We consult each prospective volunteer (YOU) to help you understand what destination, project and role will fit best with your experience and ambition. And then we help make it happen; from pre-trip support on every aspect of your adventure, to in-country support from our coordinators. Whether organising a multiple country/project experience, or a dedicated trip to one place, we help volunteers have a unique experience based on responsible projects we know.

Is it just for gap year students?


Volunteering overseas is popular with career break volunteers wanting to offer their professional skills and experiences to overseas charities, and retirees who have the time to share their life-long experience and make a difference while travelling.

Many volunteers are gap year students building their cultural experience while giving something back, but many are also part-qualified or newly qualified volunteers wishing to gain experience in their vocational area while giving something back at the same time.

What next?

Talk to us about your skills, experience, passion and goals and we can create the perfect overseas volunteer placement for you – one where you make a difference and benefit from the experience too. Introduce yourself through our short Application Form to set up a call.