Responsible travelers & families are increasingly looking for a more responsible and engaging way to travel on holiday; one that is educational and gives something back. To be a contributing guest, rather than a demanding tourist.

Whether volunteering as an individual or a family, a short holiday volunteer placement of a few weeks can be a responsible way of holidaying in a country, taken alongside some great leisure pursuits.

We recognise that a short volunteer placement is more likely to be about what you take from the experience, rather than you creating a lasting impact. But don’t be deterred – volunteers on holiday can offer meaningful support in a small number of projects.

You need to get in touch and tell us about what you want to achieve and we will do our best to match you to the right volunteer opportunities. This might mean that Mum goes one way and Dad goes the other…. and then you meet back for dinner, as we’ll match you to your skill sets as best we can.

Our country coordinators help design an itinerary that has those leisure experiences you want to have before, during and after your volunteering experience, to make it the complete volunteering family holiday.

Volunteering family holiday opportunities are available in: