Abbie Innes

Puerto Vallarta Orphanage Project , Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Orphanage Project, Mexico

The three months I spent at the orphanage have been the most demanding but rewarding months of my life. I formed amazing relationships with the children and they grew to trust and accept us. Having spent three months there, I was able to see the children, especially the toddlers, grow in confidence. In my third week an eighteen month old girl called Perla came into the orphanage; she was incredibly thin and had clearly been treated very badly. Over the weeks I watched Perla become happier and more playful with the other toddlers and by the time I left she seemed like a completely different girl and looked so much healthier. The two nuns have ben running the orphanage for 10 years and they do a remarkable job. It is a very happy place with a strong family feel to it. I loved volunteering there and I grew to love Mexico for its people, scenery and culture.