• Volunteer in Africa and experience the contrasts and stunning landscapes of Kenya
  • Opportunities both in Nairobi and on the Indian Ocean
  • Teach and help support children in orphanage schools
  • An opportunity to work with children with special needs
  • Medical volunteer placements in an outpatient clinic
Nairobi Orphanage school

Teaching English in Nairobi

Volunteering in Kenya

If you want to travel and volunteer in Africa, then Tanzania and Kenya are your choices. This volunteer destination is suitable for over-18s, gap year, career break or retired volunteers with time and experience to help make a difference. The beauty of Kenya’s expansive national parks and idyllic Indian Ocean coastline makes it a superb tourist destination yet masks the difficulties faced by 42% of its population who live in extreme poverty. Despite international development projects access to basic services such as health care, education, clean water and sanitation remain a luxury for many people. We support a number of small projects that provide local solutions to these problems.

Volunteers preferring a quieter coastal setting might choose a project in Watamu. Watamu is a beach resort town with exclusive hotels and houses overlooking the ocean and long golden beaches. But just one street back is the real village with huts of corrugated iron, daub and thatch, simple subsistence living and services for the local community.

Watamu offers a range of opportunities to volunteer teaching primary school students and volunteering with children with special needs. If you have an interest in gaining medical experience you can help volunteer in a medical clinic, ideal for medical students  or for experienced nurses who want to gain experience in an African healthcare environment. Local people are helping themselves through a community development programme and would welcome volunteer help from business graduates, mature volunteers on a career break or retired volunteers with business, financial, legal or marketing skills.

Volunteers stay in a comfortable modern and private volunteer accommodation.

If you prefer volunteering in a city or living in a family stay you might chose to help a project in the capital city Nairobi. Nairobi is a vibrant city where you will see mansions and expensive shopping centres next to roadside markets and over-crowded slums. Volunteer opportunities are in two remarkable schools; both orphanages in the poorest areas of town, that started caring for small numbers of local children and have now expanded to provide schooling to the wider community.

Volunteering in Kenya offers gap year volunteers, students, healthcare professionals and retired volunteers who have experience to offer an incredible opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of Africa and help on some projects in real need.

Volunteering in Kenya is a rewarding challenge that we can support you on. See all of our Kenyan volunteer projects that you can participate in.


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    Beatrice Waweru

    Beatrice has a BA in Library and Information Science from Makerere University in Kenya. She has spent much of her career setting up libraries and information centres for various institutes. She is currently studying Counselling and Psychology at Amani University and has been involved in the welfare of children at several orphanages in Nairobi. Beatrice joined our team in 2011. She lives in Nairobi with her husband and three children and uses her family homes to accommodate volunteers in Nairobi.

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    Wanjiru Macharia (Shiru)

    Shiru graduated from the University of Amherst, USA with a Major in Marketing and a Minor in Psychology. She joined our team in 2012 and lives with her family near where our projects are based in the coastal town of Watamu. She knows Kenya intimately and has been involved in a number of conservation initiatives in the national parks. In addition to supporting our volunteers she works as an administrator in a busy office that share the grounds of our volunteer house.

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There are some 68 languages spoken in Kenya, but there are just two official languages, Swahili and English. Swahili will be spoken in the poorer and rural areas, however, English is the language of business and education and will be widely spoken.


Visa can be readily purchased on entry to the country for $50USD at the time of writing.


The currency in Kenya is the Kenyan Shilling (KES), a hangover from its colonial past. There are approximately 160 KES to £1 GBP. You will be able to use US dollars and even British Pounds in major tourist areas/activities.

Be Aware

All travellers to Kenya must follow specific advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on areas that should not be visited due to the threat from Al-Shabab in the north. Otherwise, Kenya suffers from the same threats as most countries in Africa, with theft and aggravated theft being common in certain areas. Volunteers need to mind the sun and take adequate precautions against mosquitos.