FREE volunteer CONSULTATIONS before booking

Choosing the right volunteer project to work on is so important, both for you and the people you serve.

That’s why we offer FREE consultations – as many as you need – before you book – to every prospective volunteer.

You might have a clear plan of what you want to do and where to go, or you might just be starting to plan your trip and need help from our experienced team.

Either way, we help match your goals & preferences to the project(s) most suited to you, based on our first hand knowledge of the organisations we support. We explain the options available to you and make recommendations where appropriate.

No two projects are the same. Each has differences in activity, location, accommodation, role and experience required. So why would you book on the web without talking to those people who have visited the project, to understand the challenges and rewards on offer.

To book a consultation just fill out the APPLICATION FORM and we will respond by email to schedule an online meeting. To make the most of your consultation, browse those placements we offer on the website in advance, to discover those volunteer opportunities that interest you most.