• Volunteer in spectacular Ecuador from the Amazon rainforest to the Andes and Galapagos
  • Volunteer working with children in care centres, kindergartens and schools
  • Projects for qualified and student occupational therapists and physiotherapists
  • Volunteer as part of a conservation project in the Amazon rainforest
  • Join a cooperative community, learning about culture sustainability in the cloud forest

Volunteer in Ecuador


activities in Ecuador

Zip-wiring for the brave near Banos

Ecuador has it all. Volunteers in Ecuador can enjoy a rich diversity of landscapes and experiences. You can volunteer in a variety of social projects in the historic capital Quito, a fantastic hub from which to enjoy all aspects of Ecuador, including a recreational trip to Galapgos. Or you might choose to volunteer in the Amazon rainforest or cloud forest of the Andes, where you can get involved in a successful wildlife sanctuary or a range of amazing conservation projects.

Volunteers to Ecuador also get the bonus of developing their Spanish! Volunteers benefit from one or two weeks 121 lessons at the internationally-renowned Simon Bolivar language school, that consistently gets great feedback as an experience from our volunteers. This is included in your volunteer placement fee.

The social projects we support can suit a range of vocational interests. Ecuador is one of the few areas where we can offer placements for volunteers in a hospital, giving volunteers the chance to develop your experience in a medical setting prior to or during your studies.

There is the opportunity for volunteers to work in a street kindergarten project, helping some of the most disadvantaged children in Quito get a pre-school education. For those with an interest in teaching and/or social care, you can support a care home that provides shelter to children from broken homes, helping the staff teach English and providing ideas of extra-curricular activities to participate in.

riding for the disabled 4

Riding for the disabled

Quito also offers the only location where volunteers can get involved in a hippotherapy (horse therapy) project; a ‘riding for the disabled’ programme as we would call it in the UK. This enables volunteers to follow their passion for horses, while helping a community provide a unique experience for young disabled children.

Our experience in Ecuador means we have a variety of projects, that include occupational therapy and physiotherapy to disabled children, coaching a variety of sports to children, and working with the elderly. You can almost tell us what you are looking for and in Quito we will be sure to find a project for you to contribute.



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The Magic of Ecuador

rainforest ecuador volunteer

Biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest


Ecuador straddles the equator on South America’s west coast. Its rich and varied landscape encompasses Amazon rainforest, snow-capped volcanoes, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands.

Despite being one of the smallest countries in South America, Ecuador has one of the world’s highest rates of biodiversity.

The country is split into four regions; the pacific coastal region that includes the most populous city of Guayaquil, the high Andes that run down the centre, and the Amazonia, where the Amazon jungle still supports a number of indigenous tribes, despite the continuing exploitation of oil reserves. Finally of course there are the Galapagos Islands, one of the great natural wonders of the world.

The capital city, Quito serves as the base for our volunteers in Ecuador. It  is a cosmopolitan city, drawing together the country’s different cultures and indigenous people in a city of over 2 million people. At an elevation of 2,850m you might feel the attitude at first and the weather will offer four seasons in one day, with a delightful and generally tropical climate.

Nestled in the Andean foothills, Quito is a World Heritage site known for its historic Spanish colonial centre, with decorated 16th- and 17th-century palaces and churches, including the ornate Compañía de Jesús cathedral.

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The cloud forest cooperative project

It is easy to travel around the country and Quito makes an excellent base from which to explore the many things Ecuador can offer, from the rainforest to the beach, with a range of adventurous activities from rafting to climbing.

The striking beauty of the country and vibrant, friendly culture of the Ecuadorian people mask a reality that is only apparent to those who look below the surface. In Quito there are approximately 24,000 street children, 60% of the population are illiterate, huge areas of the rainforest are felled each day by commercial logging companies and the vast Amazon oil reserves are attracting companies wishing to exploit the pristine forest reserves.

Volunteering abroad in Ecuador provides a wealth of opportunity, both in terms of the projects you can participate in and the recreational activities that exist. It is a destination suitable for gap year students, under 18s and part-qualified or fully qualified professionals alike, and is often used as a great launch pad for a wider tour of South America.


Review all our volunteer projects in Ecuador: ECUADOR PROJECTS

  • Monika Outreach Coordinator in Ecuador


    Monika Montes

    Monika is superbly connected throughout Ecuador and has been working with Outreach International since 2003. She lives with her two teenage children in central Quito and plays host to many of our volunteers who work in the city. Monika’s passion for volunteering is reflected in her commitment and level of support that she provides. She speaks fluent English and is a qualified Spanish tutor.

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The national language is Spanish, although in some areas the predominant language will be that of the indigenous people, such as Quichua. English is not spoken widely, although businesses and tourist areas will have some English speakers. Volunteers benefit from speaking Spanish and we offer intensive language lessons as part of a volunteer placement.


Volunteers can use a 90 day tourist visa available on entry. For those staying over 90 days, for volunteering or for personal travel, an extended visa will be required in advance of your travel, available from your local consulate. We can provide supporting paperwork and advice for this.
Note that Galapagos has additional entry permit fees that apply.


The currency for Ecuador is the US dollar. You may see some ‘local’ versions of US dollar coinage locally, but this is all legal currency. Credit cards can be used in major centres, but be aware that outside of the cities the use of cards may be very limited.


Quito is at altitude, so be aware of this when acclimatising. Being on the equator take plenty of sunscreen precautions and drink plenty of fluids. The local weather is changeable and can be significant – plan for this, particularly when travelling cross-country or taking part in adventure activities. Pay attention to volcanic activity. Always consult your in-country coordinator before planning adventure activities.