What you say about volunteering

Land rights volunteering 4

Thank you for helping to make this experience possible for me. I’m sad to leave, but am also bursting open with the wealth of new stories – Willow, u18, Ecuador

I didn’t expect that I would fall completely in love with the place, the simple life in a cabaña or the animals – Sophie, student, Ecuador

I was impressed by the organisation of the briefing and the quantity of material provided both Liz and James had extraordinary knowledge of each and every project – Bethany, student, Kenya

This is not a holiday! It’s an adventure, a learning experience and for me a once in a lifetime opportunity. If given the chance I would go back and do it all again – Bethany, student, Kenya

Be prepared for anything, no-one can explain the shock of seeing the project/poverty for the first time and no-one knows what each day will bring, so throw yourself into it and embrace everything – Bethany, student, Kenya

I just wanted to let you know that I finished my last day of volunteering here in Costa Rica today. It’s been a fantastic experience and I cannot fault anything! – Elena, student, Costa Rica

What I’m beginning to accept and even enjoy, which is a huge step for a neurotic like me, is to go with the flow and not worry.  Mañana. – Jennifer, career break, Ecuador

I learned more than I thought possible in such a short space of time – Tina, u18 Ecuador

The journey was absolutely fantastic. Winding roads 7000ft up with waterfalls and green mountains, cloud covered valleys bellow, palm trees and more. Then suddenly I got my first sight of Cotopaxi! – Matthew, student, Ecuador

I got a real insight into South American culture, both the indigenous and non-indigenous communities. Not only did I get to work on two very interesting and completely different projects, but I also managed to learn Spanish to a reasonable level and travel this beautiful country! – Matthew, student, Ecuador

I think Outreach International is a great company for people travelling and doing volunteering work for the first time – Sam, student, Kenya

I needed a little break in my job, and probably going away and doing something very different was one of the best things I could have done – Julia, career break, Tanzania

I’m hoping you remember me …. I was just looking at your website and remembering what a fantastic time I had there. One that will stay in my memory forever – Kelly, student, Mexico

Everything is really fantastic here. My project is absolutely amazing, the people are wonderful and it’s been very rewarding already – Raegan, student, Cambodia

Just thought I’d let you know that Ceri is having a fantastic time…learnt some salsa and tango…made a lot of friends…can speak Spanish…all is good – Sarah, parent

Laura has been an amazing volunteer; she interacted so well with our team, which can be difficult in a cross-cultural placement – Project Director, Cambodia

This project may not be for everyone, but it certainly was for me.  If you are open to new experiences and love living in and experiencing a different cultural lifestyle, this project is right for you – Brooke, career break, Mexico

It is definitely worth the money and I would recommend that everyone should have experiences like this. It is fun, emotional, hard yet fulfilling. It has opened my eyes in many situations to my own life and to that I will forever be grateful – Emily, student, Kenya

The three months I spent at the orphanage have been the most demanding but rewarding months of my life – Abbie, student, Mexico